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Over recent years, various articles and blogs have been published proclaiming the “death of ERP”. While the ERP landscape has evolved over the past ~10 years, more organizations than ever, across all industries are in the midst of; or are considering a new ERP implementation. This blog series will examine several topics related to ERP’s renaissance; including:

  • Part I: The Case for ERP or is ERP Really Dead; what are the motivating factors for organizations considering a new ERP implementation? Many organizations are undertaking efforts to renew their aging and too often neglected ERP platforms and if there is a better/right time to go for it... whether it's an upgrade or brand new/refresh implementation.

  • Part 2: The ERP Landscape; while the ERP market continues to be largely dominated by the established players (SAP, Oracle, Microsoft), the emergence of new vendors offering cloud/SaaS platforms with robust capabilities at competitive prices is making ERP an attractive option for small to mid-sized organizations across multiple industries.

  • Part 3: Secrets to a Successful ERP Implementation; over the years, failed ERP implementations have been well-documented (per Gartner ~ 80% of ERP implementations fail to meet expectations) with a myriad of “lessons learned” – this article will share some of the more common ERP mistakes, how to avoid them and a pragmatic and “proven” approach to keeping ERP programs on track.

  • Part 4: ERP Value Delivered; How many ERP programs truly transform the organization and achieve the promised business case benefits – this blog will help connect the dots between business case and business value delivered.

I hope you read these articles and share your own personal ERP experiences and perspective on this series.

Part I: The Case for ERP or is ERP Really Dead?

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